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Subhash Kumar

A Co-Founder and Partner of the firm, Subhash has been the visionary on whose vision the firm has evolved with the readiness to step into the new age of rendering professional services to the highest standards globally. He leads from the front, playing a key role in the strategic direction of the organisation. Subhash exemplifies the past, present and future of NDSKA. Dynamic and energetic, his youthful outlook seamlessly combines with over 10 years of accounting and business experience. His blend of technical expertise and practical experience facilitates the provision of quality strategies and solutions to his client’s issues


Qualification: FCA

He has very vast experience of more than 45 years. He qualified as Chartered Accountant in 1970. He worked for Thakur, Vaidya Natth, Aiyer & Co., Chartered Accountants, New Delhi from June 1972 to Feb 1972 for two years. He served with Pyrites Phosphates and Chemicals Ltd from March, 1972 to Jan 1979 as Dy F. A. & A.O. He served Bihar Rajya pool Nigam Ltd as Financial Adviser cum chief accounts officer and whole time Director from Feb 1979 to Jan 2004. He is in practice since 1991, specially engaged in consultancy service and audit of Govt. Department, its corporations etc.


Qualification: FCA

Qualified CA in 2011, engaged in profession since then continuously in the area of Audit, Taxation , Company Law Matters, Partnership Firm, Proprietary Firm ,Society, Trust, Revenue Audit of Bank of India Simdega Branch, Lohardaga Branch,Ormanjhi Branch, Viksh Bhawan Ranchi Branch, Revenue Audit of Allahabad Bank Umedanda Branch, JAP-II Branch, Audit of State Drinking Water & Sanitation Department, Jharkhand, Audit of Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society Ranchi, Audit of Thirteenth Finance Commission, Audit of DRDA Gaya, Audit of Samajik Suraksha Chatra, Audit of Bar Council Gumla etc.