Nidhi company
Section 406 of Companies Act 2013 and Companies (Nidhi Companies) Rules, 2014 govern Nidhi companies. A Nidhi company has been incorporated with the following objectives:
  •  Imbibing the habit of thrift and savings amongst its members
  •  Receiving and lending deposits from/to its members for their mutual benefit, which complies with rules of Chapter XXVI of Companies Rules, 2014.
Requirements for Nidhi Company
  • A Nidhi company that has to be incorporated under this Act shall be a public company;
  • It must have a minimum paid up equity share capital of Rs.5,00,000/-;
  • There will be no issuances of preference shares. If such shares had already been issued by a Nidhi Company before commencement of this Act, such preference shares are to be redeemed in accordance with the terms of issue of such shares;
  • The objective of such a firm would be to imbibe in the members a habit of thrift and saving and the services would only be restricted to its members;
  • The name must have Nidhi Limited
Required Documents for Nidhi Company Registration
  • Copy of PAN of Directors and Shareholders.
  • Copy of ID Proof of Directors and Shareholders. (Voter ID, AADHAR, Driving License, Passport)
  • Copy of Address Proof of Directors and Shareholders (Bank Statement/ Electricity bill/ Mobile bill/ Telephone Bill)
  • Passport size Photographs.
  • Property Ownership Documents of Registered office premises:
  • If property is owned: Electricity bill + Ownership Documents + NOC (if required)
  • If property is rented: Electricity bill + Rent Agreement + NOC
Apart from all these documents, Some other required documents will be prepared by your Corporate Professional i.e. CA/CS for submission to ROC